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Data Backup Services

Unthinkable as it is, loss of critical business data does happen, and data recovery can be a long and painful process – if the information can be restored at all. Most businesses still depend on outdated and unreliable tape drives for backup protection services, risking serious downtime and the loss of information that drives their operations.

Server Backup

We guarantee that the data on your servers will be there when you need it.

The amount of data you have will continue to grow and your backup solution should as well. Our server data backup services give you speed, convenience and reliability with an automated backup system that reduces Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs).

No need to worry about tapes or CDs that can fail or get lost. We back up your data as often as every 15 minutes to a Network Attached Storage (NAS) unit located in your office. You will never again have to worry about long periods of time between backups. The services you can count on from us include:

The fastest recovery of files through local backup.

Automatic data and applications backup, without having to designate particular files or buy costly agents for Exchange, SQL, or other open files.

Fast, full restoration of files with no technical knowledge required.

Full-time monitoring of your NAS to ensure proper data backup.


Desktop and Laptop Backup

Ensure the data on your laptops and desktops is being backed up whether you are in the office or traveling on business.

We can automatically back up your desktop and laptops even while they’re being used, no matter where they are – in the office or out of town. When you connect to the Internet, our service automatically detects new or modified files and backs them up for storage at our data center. This centralizes control of your data, meaning you can instantly retrieve lost or damaged files.

Fast, automatic backups

A menu of prices and packages, from subscription service and licensed software to combinations of the two

Reduction of storage space through the use of efficiency mechanisms

Scalability, whether you need backup for one computer or tens of thousands

Data security, with offsite encryption under high-security conditions.


What People Are Saying

Since October 2007 Network Integration Consultants has performed all of Spectrum Aerospace’s IT related functions and has done so in a timely and professional manner. I called N.I.C in a panic one October day in 2007 with a system crash that my current IT contractor could not correct. N.I.C had me up and running in six hours and the rest is history, I’m a loyal customer and can without hesitation recommend them for your IT requirements
Lars Dirks

C.E.O., Spectrum Aerospace, Inc.

Network Integration Consultants has been a trusted partner to our company for the last seven years. Network Integration Consultants is always accessible to our company to provide emergency IT assistance to our company as well as add intelligent input, ideas, and business opportunities to Healthcare Networks of America’s company strategy.
S.L. Krueger

Executive Director, Healthcare Networks of America

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