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Do you shudder at the cost of your next major network upgrade? Do you feel like your IT spend is out of control? Are you unsure whether or not your software licensing is up to date and legal? You might be able to take care of all this another way.


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  Hardware as a Service (HaaS) provides you with a unique way to pay for your use of technology as a service -- instead of as a capital expense. It includes the continuing service and support your business needs to keep working effectively.

Based on the state of our economy, working capital has never been more critical. That's unlikely to change in the near term, particularly for small businesses. Even so, your need for computer and peripheral equipment, software, and related services continues to grow. That's where Hardware as a service comes in.

When you sign up for Hardware as a Service, you experience these benefits:
  • Reduced capital expense
  • Increased available working capital
  • Regularly refreshed network, server, and user hardware
  • Regularly updated and patched software
  • Free installation and configuration of new systems
  • Timely and free replacement of any broken hardware
  • Complete virus protection
  • Simple, convenient billing
  • Unlimited support
  • 100% uptime guarantee

Hardware as a Service shoulders your hardware responsibilities and makes everything work more easily, all for a fixed monthly fee.


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