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At Network Integration Consultants, our world-class customer service and unique partnership approach are a step above the rest, with proactive, personalized managed IT services solutions that minimize downtime and maximize productivity. We are ready with the support and expertise to keep you focused on running your business.

Keep your data safe and secure

One of your greatest business assets is the data you have accumulated over the years. It ranges from customer contact information, to documentation of your financial records and details of your latest inventory. Your data is imperative to your success, but most people don't realize just how valuable it is - or how much they depend on it.
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Your small business IT support specialist

There's freedom in a smaller setup that's yours to own and run, but one of the major drawbacks is the lack of support -- especially technical support. We help reduce the confusion and stress around IT support with our hourly IT services.
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Manage your IT to manage your business

With our expertise, you can reduce or eliminate the stress, challenges, and costs of trying to meet your own IT needs. Our attention to detail minimizes downtime and promotes the greatest technological efficiency in order to support your employees in all that they do.
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"When my technology doesn't work, no one works and I lose money!"

Is this you? If you work for a professional service, healthcare provider or other business that depends on technology, you just want IT services to work!

Our IT services reduce the stress, challenges, and costs associated with trying to manage and support your IT yourself. Clients of our Managed IT Services get the highest level of attention from our team of tech support experts, who apply best practices to your network and diligently monitor your system's performance 24/7. The result is less downtime, better performance, and more productive employees.

By allowing us to manage your IT, you not only have a dedicated team of tech support experts behind you, but you are also freed up to focus on what you do best - grow your business.

As a managed IT services provider, we provide our clients with incomparable expertise, attentive support, and guaranteed satisfaction. Our flexibility allows you to choose the services you want, all at an affordable price that keeps your IT budget under control.

We have the flexibility to manage all or only a few of your IT services. You get the tech support you want at a cost that fits your budget.

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